Mossbourne Sixth Form

Developing articulate and confident members of society with outstanding academic qualifications

Outstanding results, year on year

Due to the rigour that young adults experience every, term, every day and every lesson

An environment designed

To help you flourish

Helping you succeed

By making the right choices now

Your progression into Key Stage 5 is a notable achievement. Your growth from a teenager into a young adult goes beyond academic achievements and because of this, the Mossbourne Sixth Form places great emphasis on the importance of your development into an articulate and confident member of society with outstanding academic qualifications.  

Making important decisions about your future is an important part of sixth form life. At the Mossbourne Sixth Form, we have a unique and specialised Higher Education and Careers Team whose sole responsibility is to support you in developing the skills you will need to take you both to university and beyond.

The decision regarding what you want to study, and the university at which you elect to study, is a potentially life-changing decision. We guide and support you through this decision-making process. We encourage you to think about your strengths and interests throughout Year 12 and aim to broaden your horizons through weekly taster lectures, careers talks and university visits.

We have a full time specialised Higher Education and Careers Tutor who has developed successful partnerships with a vast range of universities. Our Higher Education and Careers Tutor has an exceptional understanding of the demands of the vast array of different courses on offer at the country’s universities and will be able to guide you to make the right choices.


Our experienced and knowledgeable UCAS Tutors, Senior Tutors and your Head of Year will always be available to support you when applying to university. Your tutors will get to know you very well throughout your time at the Mossbourne Sixth Form and will be best placed to write your reference; our dedicated Sixth Form Team ensure that 97% of our students reach their desired destinations.

Career Networking and Employability

Students are not only given bespoke and personalised UCAS programmes but also have the opportunity to access a wide range of events and participate in an extensive selection of work-based insight days and high quality mentoring from major international companies.