Mossbourne Sixth Form Alumni

A total of 58 Mossbourne Sixth Form Alumni have studied at Oxbridge since 2014

38 students have left to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine since 2014

73 students secure a place at a top third institution. That’s 53% of our applicants or 55% of that year group – both figures outstrip the national average for state schools which sits at 19% and much closer to the independent school progression which is 65%. A total of 65 students secured a place at a RG university for 2019.

Hafsa Hammid Studying Medicine at KCL

“Mossbourne helped me to achieve the best I possibly could through regularly updating us on opportunities to get ahead and there was immense support from teachers regarding personal statement help.”

Franklin Nnodi, now studying Economics at the University of Manchester

My time at Mossbourne was incredible for lots of reasons. I have been challenged, supported and motivated throughout the two years by the incredible staff. The opportunity to develop and preparation for higher education and professional work experience is offered in such a unique and advantageous way.

Mossbourne alumni: where are they now?

Tessa, student at University of Cambridge

Mossbourne alumni: where are they now?

Xaymaca Awoyungbo, recent graduate from University of Warwick

Mossbourne alumni: where are they now?

Nana Yaw Antiedu, student at University of Warwick