Head of Mossbourne Sixth Form and Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs J Sames

Head of Year 12 and Teacher of Geography

Miss K Dow Habbick

Head of Year 13 and Teacher of Classics and Latin

Ms Z D'Souza

Higher Education and Careers Manager

Mrs H Gata-Aura

Director of Medical Bursary and Teacher of Physics

Mr W Clifford Brown

Senior Tutor (EPQ) and Teacher of English

Ms J Snow

Higher Education Leader and Teacher of History

Mr T Cranston

Director of Mossbourne Architecture Programme and Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr K Dodd

Sixth Form Study Club Manager and Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Syed

HOLA Business & Enterprise & Attainment Officer

Ms L Thompson

Sixth Form Administrator

Miss J Kohter

Partnership Manager

Mr P Barlow

Higher Education Leader and Teacher of English

Ms M Skipsey