Architecture and Built Environment Programme

Mossbourne Sixth Form runs an Architecture and Built Environment programme for students that might be interested in careers in architecture, planning, surveying or other careers in the built environment. The programme works with some of the best architecture schools and practices in the country, and also the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The programme runs alongside chosen A level subjects during our Sixth Form enrichment slot on Wednesday afternoons. It consists of speaker slots from experts in the field, mentoring from architecture students, visits to building projects, architecture schools and practices, work experience and projects to develop a portfolio for a potential application to architecture school or similar.  Students who then want to progress to an Architecture, Engineering or related degree will then have the support of the Sixth Form team in taking this forward.

Students who have an interest in the built environment, who can develop ideas into projects showing the various stages along the way, and who can communicate their thoughts and ideas to others are very welcome to apply. Experience with architecture, product design, art or similar would be advantageous but is not compulsory.  The most important thing is that you have an inquiring mind and curiosity about how the built environment is created or can be changed.