Rowley-Pierce Prize

Following a successful inaugural year in 2021, the Rowley-Pierce prize continued this year with the theme of Happiness. Year 12 students were invited to submit a project which explored happiness in society, science, arts, and humanities.

Shortlisting the projects was a challenge; the quality of submissions this year was outstanding. Topics ranged from poetry to photography to product design.

The final four students were:

Eesa Sayed: (12 Wollstonecraft) Hopeless. Understand Happiness. (creative writing)
Tanvir Hannan: (12 Hazlitt) Solar Shading (product design)
Louisa Shadlen: (12 Caine) Curing Unhappiness: A Review of Antidepressant Action (scientific research paper)
Aida Rayegani: (12 Caine) Behind the Smile (photography and research)

The judging panel of Sir Richard Rowley, Miss Warren and Mrs Sames were so impressed by this year’s submissions that they decided to split the top prize of between two students. Congratulations to both Aida and Louisa who were both awarded £50. Look out for their work posted around school or in an assembly.

Congratulations to the finalists and well done to everyone involved!